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    1. Wuxi Binhu Trading Co., Ltd.


      Wuxi Binhu Trading Co., Ltd.

      A comprehensive company specializing in chemical trade

      A private enterprise engaging in various chemical raw materials

    2. Business & Products

      Ethylene glycol
      Product name
      Ethylene glycol
      1,2-ethylene glycol, glycol
      Place of origin
      Molecular formula : C2H6O2
      Molecular weight : 62.068
      Physicochemical properties
      Appearance & Properties: A colorless, transparent liquid with a sweet, viscous liquid.
      Melting point (°C): -13.2 Relative density (water = 1): 1.1155
      Boiling point (°C): 197.3 Relative density (air = 1): 2.14
      Saturated vapor pressure (KPa): 6.21 (°C) Heat of combustion (KJ/mol): 281.9
      Solubility: Soluble in water, ether, ethanol, etc.
      Toxicity and protection
      Toxicity: Low toxicity. Acute toxicity: LD508.0~15.3g/kg (mouse oral); 5.9~13.4g/kg (rat oral); 1.4ml/kg (human oral, lethal) subacute and chronic toxicity: rat Corneal opacity and blindness in 2/15 animals after inhalation of 12 mg/m3 (multiple consecutive times); short-term fainting occurred in 9/28 people who inhaled 40% ethylene glycol mixture; human inhaled 40% ethylene glycol mixture heated to 105 °C Repeated inhalation of 14/38 human nystagmus, 5/38 lymphocytosis. Hazardous characteristics: In case of fire, high heat or contact with oxidizing agents, there is a danger of fire and explosion. In case of high heat, the internal pressure of the container increases, posing a risk of cracking and explosion. Combustion (decomposition) products: carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water.
      Quality Index
      Chromaticity, Hazen unit (platinum-cobalt color number) ≤
      Content, % ≥
      Moisture content, % ≤
      Acidity, % ≤
      It is mainly used in the manufacture of resins, plasticizers, synthetic fibers, cosmetics and explosives, and as a solvent to formulate antifreeze for engines.

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